Is Your Irrigation System from this Century?

One of the resources that is more precious and vital than money is WATER. If you installed an irrigation system 15 years ago it had a very simple job. Irrigation systems were designed to deliver water, and to do it automatically. If your sprinkler system could do that one thing then it was “perfect”

Technology, conservation, economics and community mindedness have taken the mission of an irrigation system to new heights. Now engineers have been asked to provide the most benefit to your lawn with the least amount of water.

For example today’s controllers now save water by processing real time and historical data to adjust the water delivery, here are some examples:

Historical Data is used to determine which months,weeks and
even days historically need the most water. You enter your zip code
into the controller and it does the rest. This is very inexpensive and
the savings on water are immediate.

Historical with a sensor: As the name suggests it uses historical data, but also factors in the temperature today. If it is hotter than it historically is on this date, then the controller will add minutes to compensate. If it is cooler, the controller will reduce the water delivery time

Off-site information: These controllers use the Internet, or a phone
connection to get information from local weather station. Barometer
readings, wind, temperature and humidity all process through this computer to give you the right mix

Moisture Sensors: The simplest improvement is a simple moisture
sensor that will provide your controller with information that will help it adjust watering times based on humidity.

Other areas of improvement like new sprinkler heads, CAD design, and smarter cycling make irrigation upgrades one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your landscape. If you have an outdated system, it’s like carrying water when you have a hole in your bucket.

While Grangetto’s does not provide onsite installation or assessment services our store managers are living in this world every day. Say hello to your local store manager or knowledgeable staff and ask for his or her advice on a solid irrigation installer, or for some tips on how to get started on your own irrigation survey.

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