Ant Pro® Insect Control System


Organic Liquid Ant Bait and Bait Station

The AntPro® Insect Control System kills and destroys entire ant colonies, not just individual foraging ants. Its patented round-the-clock, feed-on-demand, liquid bait delivery capability includes 360 degree, high-volume insect traffic access to bait. Effective against carpenter ants, imported fire ants, Argentine ants, white footed ants, Caribbean crazy ants, as well as, numerous other problem ants, cockroaches, earwigs and other insect species. The most important fact to keep in mind is that AntPro accomplishes its task without broadcasting pesticides that sacrifice your health and the environment we share.

AntPro protects your family’s health, home and environment with continuous, non-invasive, insect control and monitoring, while the bait remains safely within the dispenser.


Currently in use protecting organic and sustainable food crops, homes, offices, condominiums, hospitals, communities, military bases, public facilities, parks, zoos and historic sites including extensive ongoing participation in University of California and a number of other United States and international urban and agricultural field research programs. AntPro uses low-toxicity, liquid bait (1% or less boric acid solution) permitting foraging ants, a small % of ant colony, time to get back to feed and eliminate the queens and the balance of the colony.

Highly-toxic, broad-spectrum, pesticides kill the foragers, only, causing the remaining ants to go into stress and to increase in number. These chemicals also kill the ladybugs & other beneficial insects, including the polinating bees, and destroy organic lifeforms in the soil thus requiring more fertilizer and water irrigation.

AntPro System meets standard for use by organic growers. It is United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified National Organic Product (NOP) organic food crop compliant.

View AntPro Operating Instructions.

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