Dormant Spraying


Of Fruit Trees and Deciduous Shrubs

Dormant spraying helps to keep destructive insect populations as well as potentially deadly fungal infections under control. Dormant spray should be applied to all deciduous trees and shrubs which had insect infestations or disease during the prior year. This is especially important for fruit trees and roses.

Dormant oil spraying should be done on a clear day when there is little or no breeze. The ideal temperature for application is between 40 and 70 degrees F; preferably temperatures should remain over 50 degrees F. for at least twenty four hours in order to get the oil to spread out over the tree and cover all crooks and crevices. Complete coverage is required for effective control of all over-wintering pests.

Apply this spray under pressure with a pump sprayer, or with a hose-end sprayer two times; when all of the leaves have fallen (late November or early December), and again in early February before buds begin to swell. In some instances, gardeners are successful with only one application during the period of early December through late January. But if the infestation or disease was very bad during the previous season, two sprayings would be the best bet.

For insect control, use Spray Oil. This oil will smother insect eggs over-wintering in the same places as the fungal spores. This product can be mixed together with Copper Fungicide (Monterey® Liqui-Cop) for excellent control of insects and disease.

It is essential that you always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using any product. Ask a Grangetto Garden Pro for recommendations.

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