Fruit Tree Netting


Protect Your Harvest!

The fruit is ripening on your backyard fruit trees and the vegetables in your garden are looking really good. You’re starting to anticipate a fabulous harvest. Unfortunately, so are the birds, squirrels and other critters. If you are unwilling to share your garden with your winged and animal friends, consider covering your tree with fruit tree netting. Fruit tree netting is easy to install.

For Fruit Trees

Wrap fabric around or drape over your trees (for tall trees, use a pole to lift the netting over tree-tops). Gather it at the trunk and secure it with twist ties. Just roll back edge of netting for easy harvesting.

For Vegetable Gardens, Grapes, or Berries

Simply drape fabric over garden and secure with stakes, or weigh down the corners with heavy objects. To protect seeds, seedlings, and upright plants, elevate netting 6″ or more above the ground using stakes, wire, etc. Lift the netting for easy harvesting.

Fruit tree netting is not only durable and lightweight, but also strong enough to protect your garden from thieving birds and other garden pests. It’s a safe alternative to chemicals and is reusable season after season. Pick some up today and protect your much anticipated harvest.

We recommend DeWitt® Bird Barricade for an effective re-usable solution for years of seasonal use.

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