Soil Preparation


Preparing Your Soil

Beneftis of proper and complete soil preparation:

  1. Improved Uniformity
  2. Increased Density
  3. Faster Recovery From Wear
  4. Reduced Use of Water, Fertilizer & Chemicals
  5. Reduced Maintenance

Soil Prep for New Beds

Turn the soil and water deeply, continue to water and wait at least two weeks. The loose soil and water should germinate most of the weed seeds in the soil. Weed these buggers out now and you should have an easier time keeping the bed weed-free later. Before planting, finish with the soil preparations for existing beds…..

Soil Prep for Existing Beds

Loosen the soil and add a three to four-inch layer of organic material. This can be home-made compost, bagged compost or planting mix. We recommend brands such as Kellogg® Gardner & Bloome®. If you have a heavy clay soil, add some gypsum; it helps to break up the clay. Use about 10 pounds of gypsum for every 100 sq ft. To replenish the nitrogen in the soil, add blood meal, cottonseed meal or some well-composted manure. To figure out how much of each of these amendments you should add, follow the instructions on the label. When all amendments have been added, mix them thoroughly into the soil. Now your’re ready to plant!

See a Grangetto’s representative for more detailed help on prepping your garden beds or prepping an area before laying sod or planting grass seed. Our experts can help you determine the amount of amendments to add and how to add them.

Soil Amendment Calculator

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